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All-Terrain T/A® KO2




Off-Road Tires, Truck Tires, All Weather Tires


Warranty: 6 Year Standard 


BFGoodrich's toughest All-Terrain tire ever.



Mud-Terrain T/A® KM2




Off-Road Tires, Truck Tires


Warranty: 6 Year Standard


The no-limits tire for serious off-road 




Commercial T/A® All Season 2




Truck Tires


Warranty: 6 Year Standard 


The reinforced all-season truck tire designed 

to meet your business needs



Long Trail T/A® Tour




Truck & SUV Tires, Everyday Tires


Warranty: 100,000KM Limited Warranty


High-level performance for crossovers and 

SUV's that are in it for the long haul.



Rugged Trail T/A®




Truck Tires


Warranty: 6 Year Standard 


On and off-road performance for popular 




Advantage T/A® Sport




All Season Everyday Tires


Warranty: 110,000KM Limited Warranty


Defy the weather, control the curves 

and enjoy the drive for kilometres 

and kilometres.



g-Force™ COMP-2™ A/S




Sports & Performance Tires, Tuner Tires, 

Hot Rod Tires


Warranty: 70,000KM Limited Warranty


BFGoodrich's best ultra-high 

performance all-season 

tire ever.



g-Force™ Sport COMP-2™




Sports & Performance Tires, Tuner Tires, 

Hot Rod Tires


Warranty: 6 Year Standard 


Accelerate faster, corner harder & brake 

shorter for next-level control and 

next-level fun on the street.



Radial T/A®




Hot Rod Tires


Warranty: 6 Year Standard 


An American performance icon.



Winter Slalom® KSI




Winter Tires


Warranty: 6 Year Standard 


State-of-the-art looks and the ability to take 

you where you want to go throughout the 

winter make the BFGoodrich® Winter 

Slalom® KSI (Key Snow & Ice) the right 

tire for all types of cold weather adventures.



BFGoodrich Tire Logo


Founded by Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich in 1870, the BFGoodrich Company, later known as BFGoodrich, was among the first rubber tire manufacturers to be located west of the Appalachian Mountain Range. In the previous year, Goodrich had purchased the Hudson River Rubber Company. Based in Akron, Ohio, the BFGoodrich Company began as a manufacturer of rubberized hoses, which were sold mostly as firehoses. The company also produced rubberized belts, similar to those used on modern vehicles as serpentine belts (fan belt). As the company grew, it began to manufacture pneumatic bicycle tires, eventually leading to the production of pneumatic automobile tires in 1896, this made BFGoodrich the first company in the United States to manufacture this type of tire.


BFGoodrich was not the only tire manufacturer in the United States at the turn of the 20th Century. Among its competitors were Goodyear, Firestone, General and Uniroyal. Due to extensive research and scientific methods, such as tire wear evaluation and longevity testing, BFGoodrich was at the leading edge of the industry. Ford Motor Company, then owned by Henry Ford, chose BFGoodrich tires to be fitted in the new Model A Ford in 1903. That same year, the Model A, equipped with the tires, became the first car to cross the United States from east to west. This event made BFGoodrich a household name.


BFGoodrich developed and markets its flagship All-Terrain T/A and Mud-Terrain T/A tires. Due to its unique tread design and known raised white letters on the tire sidewall, the tire consolidated a loyal customer base, especially among off-roading enthusiasts, its main application is light trucks and SUVs.


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