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All Terrain Light Truck Tire



The “XTREME” series of Open Country A/T II 

light truck tires give you all the traction you 

need with more durability and longevity than 

the competition.








All Terrain Light Truck Tire



The Toyo Open Country A/T II offers added 

traction for light trucks, vans and SUVs with 

more durability and longevity than 

the competition.  “30 day trial”.







Mud Terrain Light Truck Tire



The light truck Open Country M/T mud terrain 

tire is designed for enthusiasts who require 

extra ground clearance, load-carry capacity 

and off-road capability. As an added bonus 

it also provides great on-road performance. 






All-Season Light Truck Highway Tire



An all-season, light truck tire the Open Country 

H/T is designed for optimal ride comfort, on 

road performance, and secure handling during 

city and highway use.  “30 day trial”.







All-Weather tires for a variety of vehicles.



The Toyo Celsius CUV is true all-weather tire 

designed for those drivers who need the 

added winter safety during occasional snow 

falls and cold weather conditions but don’t 

want to incur the expense of buying, 

installing and storing winter tires.  

“30 day trial”.







CUV/SUV Touring All-Season Tire



Built for a wide range of vehicles, from CUVs 

to luxury SUVs, this premium all-season tire 

also provides confident handling and stability.  

“30 day trial”.






All-Season Passenger Tire with Eco Technology



The Versado Eco features Tecology, which 

uses naturally derived tread-compound 

materials and recycled polyester in the 

tire-casing materials to help make daily 

driving a little easier on the environment 

and your wallet.  “30 day trial”.








Luxury Touring All-Season Tire



The new Toyo Versado Noir offers 

uncompromised luxury, longevity and 

all-season performance for many of 

today’s popular cars.  “30 day trial”.







All Weather tires for a variety of vehicles.



The Celsius is designed to be positioned 

between an all-season and winter tire with 

a tread design that provides better ice and 

snow traction than a typical all season tire 

and longer tread life than a winter tire.

“30 day trial”.








All-Season Performance Tire



An all-season, ultra-high performance tire 

the Toyo Proxes 4 PLUS is designed for 

today’s sports cars, coupes and sport sedans.

“30 day trial”.








Winter Tire For Passenger Cars, Minivans, 

SUV's and Light Trucks



With a complete size range for passenger, 

light truck, SUV, CUV or van applications, 

the GSi5 offers exceptional traction and 

safety during our tough Canadian winters.







Winter Tire For Passenger Cars, 

Minivans some SUV's



Equipped with Toyo’s Microbit studless tire 

technology and an advanced directional 

tread pattern the Observe G3-ICE is ready 

to handle snow, ice or slush and offers 

superior ride comfort.







An All-Around Performance Winter Tire



The Garit KX is an H-rated, unidirectional 

winter performance tire for luxury sedans 

and sports cars. It is designed with 

Microbit Technology to provide improved 

snow and enhanced ice performance.






Light Truck Heavy Use Winter Tire



Toyo’s light truck winter tire, the Open Country 

WLT1 has been engineered to deliver optimal 

performance for a variety of commercial 

vehicles or heavy use applications during our 

demanding Canadian winters.


Toyo Tires Logo

TOYO® A brief history of Toyo Tires


Toyo Tires has stood for innovation, quality, performance, and excellent service for over 60 years, including 28 years in Canada. Combined, the Toyo group of companies has development, manufacturing, testing, distribution, and marketing operations throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania.

As a result, Toyo Tires has built a solid reputation around the world. And who knows tires better than the very people who sell them everyday? In North America, Toyo Tires has been named #1 Overall Brand again and again and again by tire dealers in Tire Review magazine’s Annual Tire Brand Study*.

In fact, our consumer tires have been voted #1 Overall Brand by North American tire dealers an unprecedented seven times since 2000. Since 2002, our medium truck tires have received the honor five times.


The vision to manufacture great tires began in August 1945, when the founding president, Mr. Rikimatsu Tomihisa, established the Toyo Tire & Rubber Co, Ltd. in Japan.

In 1982, Toyo Tires established a Canadian subsidiary. From a small office just outside of Vancouver, Toyo Tire Canada Inc. began warehousing and distributing passenger, light truck and commercial truck tires. Through a network of independent tire dealers, the Toyo Tires brand began to grow in Canada.

The first tires manufactured in North America to bear the Toyo Tires brand occurred in the late 1980s when the company began producing commercial tires in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

Today, the company's Canadian headquarters are in Richmond, British Columbia, and distribution is supported by nearly 90,000 square feet of warehousing in BC, with additional warehouses in Ontario and Quebec.





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